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The Otter Toilet Brush




Say goodbye to that nasty old toilet brush in the corner.

Say Hello to the Otter.

A revolutionary cleaner designed to keep your loo spotless in the most hygienic, elegant way.

No drips. No odours. No eye-sore bristles to trap the nasties. And just a little longer, so all the trouble is kept at arm’s length.

Once you experience the Otter, you’ll wonder why it’s taken 88 years for someone to finally redesign the toilet brush.

Keeps your loo fresh and clean with no drips and no mess.

Comfortably keeps trouble at arm’s length.

A stylish accessory to even the most beautiful bathrooms.

60cm high | 15cm diameter of the base

How it works

Our Story

That nasty brush in the corner haunts us at least once a day. Most of us have learned to un-see it, to block it from our vision. And yet, it is still needed occasionally, if just for the shortest of times.

At the Otter Brush Company we set about to improve this experience in the most simple, but elegant of ways.

What our clients say

Tammy Lloyd

I love how elegant it looks in the bathroom fooling everyone and making them wonder. However the best part of it all is that there are no bristles so nothing yuck can get stuck. It’s super easy to clean due to its surface and so easy to use. Happy toilet days .



It is long enough, stylish, very effective and toilet paper does not cling to it. Well done for this one.




So fabulously stylish… I just love mine!



Well I never  I just watched the video. my whole life’s been a lie 🙂


Sally B

🦦 works perfectly 👏😃👍🏻really good product – and can even go further down the pipe than a brush 👏

Seriously I think it is stylish, unobtrusive, works really effectively and easily!

Sally B

Pauline P

I never really gave the toilet brush in my bathroom much attention, other than always holding my breath when using it. There really is no joy there and it causes mess everywhere.
Only when I received the Otter, did I notice how disturbing and gross the generic toilet brush is. The Otter looks beautiful in my bathroom, cleans effortlessly, and is tall enough so the gross bits are kept at an arm’s length. In my opinion, this tool is a must in your home! If you don’t believe me – try it for yourself!

Pauline P



Love the fancy style


This is by far the best toilet brush ever owned. It’s extra long, has a solid rubber end to remove the unwanteds.Items like toilet paper don’t stick to it.Just rinse as the toilet is flushed and put it back in the drip tray.


“I’ve been waiting for the “Otter” forever and mine finally arrived a week ago. It’s truly a bathroom revolution! A super sexy toilet brush – both aesthetically pleasing and uber efficient!”


Neil H

You can buy a toilet brush for R50 or R2000. None of them actually solve your problem. They’re all gross. And then along came the Otter. Its sleek, its beautiful, it works, and most of all it takes the ‘eeuw’ factor out of my bathroom. The problem is that I now notice those awful traditional brushes everywhere I go!

Neil H