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★★★ This got rave reviews… My domestic goddess came with the most puzzled look on her face – and actually I could not properly explain how it worked better that a good old fashioned brush.  Perhaps I need to google a you tube video to watch how this flat...


This is by far the best toilet brush ever owned. It’s extra long, has a solid rubber end to remove the unwanteds.Items like toilet paper don’t stick to it.Just rinse as the toilet is flushed and put it back in the drip tray.


★★★ On the one hand, I do feel less squicky about cleaning the toilet with this one, as the old toilet brushes just felt so unsanitary and I hated using them. This one looks and feels cleaner. It also doesn’t drip water everywhere like the brushes do. For the...


It is long enough, stylish, very effective and toilet paper does not cling to it. Well done for this one.    

Petrus L

I’ll never go back to bristles. This Otter makes me feel like Picasso in my own bathroom ! Petrus L