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Classic Toilet Brush Designs

The toilet brush design has remained relatively unchanged since it was first invented in 1932.

There are a multitude of classic toilet brush designs. Most of them still incorporate a brush with bristles, made of nylon in various colours. Some innovations have used silicone as an alternative to the nylon brush, but in many instances, have kept the traditional toilet brush form the same.

Any toilet brush design which favours the brush mechanism, will naturally require a very wide opening in the base to accommodate the brush. A large opening makes the grungy contents of the base easily visible and can detract substantially from the appeal of even the finest bathrooms.

Brushes, by their very nature, collect all sorts of nasties and drip water on the floor and seat and they are not easily cleaned. A truly hygienic toilet brush is extremely difficult to find.

It appears that the way that the toilet brush bristles are attached involves some kind of metal fastener inside of the injection moulded brush. These metal fasteners tend to rust and discolour over time.

The conventional toilet brush design has remained unchanged since it was invented in 1932 by William C. Schopp of Huntington Park, California. It was patented by the Addis Brush Company in 1933.


Toilet Brush Innovations

In many cases toilet brush innovations have sought to do one of a few things to make the experience more tolerable. Often the designers spend a lot of time and effort in designing a base or container that is easier on the eye.

These designs range from being sleek tubes of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic or other. Some look like pot plants, swans, other animals and other abstract designs.

The problem is that the toilet brush made of bristles still has a certain diameter that needs to be accommodated. And the larger the diameter, the larger the hole has to be, which means the more you can see all the way down to the nasties on the bottom. And so you are back where you started.

Toilet Brush Height Innovation

Because of their inherently offensive nature, most toilet brushes are designed to be short and unobtrusive. Even the most expensive toilet brushes are kept out of sight and out of the way.

And inevitably, when they are finally needed, it involves some extensive reaching and stretching to locate the brush, not to mention reaching far into the bowl to actually use the thing. So would it not make sense to design a taller toilet brush, that one is proud to have on display in one’s bathroom and is easy to reach in times of trouble?

Innovative Toilet Brush Materials

Toilet brush innovations take on many forms. Silicon and silicone-like materials like TPE have taken over as the more hygienic way of keeping a toilet clean. These materials are easily injection moulded to provide any shape that is required, and can substitute toilet brush bristles, with other abrasive designs.

In many cases the brush designs are conceptualised to do an entire cleaning function of the toilet, the toilet bowl, under the rim and also the seat. To do so requires innovative brush designs that are often quite contorted and intended to do many different functions in one toilet cleaning implement. Some of them even have a storage space for toilet cleaning chemicals and detergents.

All this makes for a visually unappealing addition to a designer bathroom. People spend a fortune on top bathroom design, bathroom hardware and ceramic ware, and yet they are subjected to that necessary evil in the corner.

Modern Feature Toilet Brush Designs

In recent years, many new and creative toilet cleaning device designs have been brought to the market. Some of these innovations have even made it to the likes of Dragons Den in search of funding.

Such designs have been met with mixed success. Some of these toilet brush innovations incorporate clever self-cleaning mechanisms, detachable cleaning heads, cleaning heads which reside under the rim to be cleaned every time the toilet is flushed, and so on.

Other innovations, while still comprising a traditional nylon toilet brush mechanism, have focused on the base itself. Some clever innovations have focused on the issue of opening and closing of the holder to keep trouble out of sight. Others have used fancy UV light solutions to add to the cleansing process when the brush is not in use.

And then of course there have been many amusing toilet brush designs, conceptualised clearly to try and make fun of a traditionally awful experience. These fun toilet brushes come in the form of ducks and boots and even one in the form of Donald Trump while he was still President of the United States. Clearly the designers thought that Donald Trumps hairstyle lent itself well to the job at hand.

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