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Our Story
At the Otter Brush Company we set about to improve ‘that brush’ experience in the most simple, but elegant of ways.

We began with a design that we really loved, based on the gentle curves you find in nature, from the bend of a long grass, the curves of a rhino horn, and the movement of an otter’s tail.

But to build the blade, we had to start again, we had to look way beyond what we had seen before. It took the best thinking, to design a shape that was so simple, so clean, and yet so functional.

Along with the experience of actually using it, what makes the Otter so unique, is how it feels in your hand, the weight, the rigidity, the subtle taper of the handle and the long paw-like blade.

Lastly, we designed a beautiful aesthetic to enhance the appeal of the whole bathroom.

The Otter is everything that was just missing.

The conventional toilet brush design has remained unchanged since it was invented in 1932 by William C. Schopp of Huntington Park, California. It was patented by the Addis Brush Company in 1933.


We designed the actual human experience into the Otter:


  • We made it taller so you don’t have to strain that lower back, and you can keep trouble at arm’s length
  • We made it hygienic by selecting resilient and fully recyclable materials which won’t discolour over time
  • We eliminated the drips associated with a conventional brush
  • We hid away any unsightly water residue
  • We designed effective abrasive fins to remove the toughest stains

The Revolutionary ‘Otter Paw’ Blade Design

  • Hygienic silicone-like thermoplastic elastomer
  • Effective abrasive fins
  • Drip free
  • Recyclable

Made from durable materials, the Otter cleans better than bristle brushes without scratching the porcelain. The patented fin design remains free from debris, snagging and drips. It is easily rinsed off in the bowl.

The Otter’s ‘paw’ never wears out or discolours.

Elegant packaging and a Unique unboxing experience.

Your Otter is packaged like an upmarket, aspirational electronics product.

Unlike with other gadgets of this nature, when you unbox The Otter, you wont feel the need to wash your hands.

You’ll want to let this Otter loose in your bathroom !

Otter Box Packaging